By Penny M Wheat

by Penny M Wheat

Thursday, 8 September 2011


The BBC series feautured a programme on serial killers this week, Wednesday 7th Sept. 9 pm BBC 2.
The interesting thing for me was that the latest scientific opinion is that DNA, PET scans of the brain and chemical imbalances are now known to play a part in the genetic make-up which predisposes some people to display psychopathic tendencies.
In my book "And You Visited Me2, published in 2005, Chapter 17 discusses much of this, and confirms my own theories about just how culpable anyone can truly be, if their very chemistry makes them far more likely than the rest of us to commit horrendous crimes, and just what we should do with them.
I travel to Nashville, Tennessee, to visit men on Death Row there, and recently, one case made headlines , when Bradley Waldroup's legal team successfully saved him from a 1st degree murder conviction, which could well have led to a death sentence,and had the court down-grade his sentence to manslaughter
Presumably therefore, one day he will walk free. And then what happens?

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