By Penny M Wheat

by Penny M Wheat

Friday, 23 September 2011

Troy Davis

BBC Radio 4 yesterday featured an interview on the "Today" programme with Rhonda Cook. She is a local journalist in Georgia, USA, who witnessed the execution by lethal injection of Troy Davis.
 Many thousands of people across the world had campaigned for Troy's life to be spared, in the belief that he was innocent of the murder for which he found himself facing a capital charge. Despite this, the execution went ahead, though delayed by some four hours.
Ms Cook described having witnessed 12 executions in her role as press reporter, and added that she had developed  'a ritual' to help her cope. This involved going home and having a long, hot shower.
Although the interview came to an end almost as soon as she had uttered these words,I wished she had been pressed to explain how this could possibly help.
I could not but think that in truth, she felt dirty for being a small part in this ghastly situation.
Mr Davis himself spoke of his sorrow for the grieving family, whilst repeating his insistence of innocence. He hoped friends would carry on the search for the truth, in order to clear his name, and prayed that those carrying out the execution would be forgiven by God.

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